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Here you will find the most recent recent research the BFAP team has produced. Case studies, pure research, and collaboration work can be found here. The most recent Baseline can be found on the Home page and the previous Baselines are available in the Archives.

Reports by BFAP, not publicly available yet:

  • Davids, P., Delport, M., Louw, M. and Meyer, F.H. 2014. Demand for Potatoes in South Africa. A report by BFAP for Potatoes South Africa. 
  • Davids, P. and Van der Westhuizen, D. 2014. Ecaluating the competitiveness of South African pork production within the global context. A report by BFAP in collaboration with the Thünen Institute in Braunschweig, Germany for the South African Pork Producers Organisation.
  • Davids, P., Meyer, F.H., Jooste, A. and Van der Burgh, G. 2013. Evaluating the performance of the South African pork value chain. A report by BFAP for the South African Pork Producers organisation. 


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The potential impact of the national minimum wage on the agricultural sector



Economic impact of the 2017 Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza outbreak in South Africa



Drought policy brief - Western Cape Agriculture



Evaluating the competitiveness of the South African broiler value chain



Policy Brief on the 2015/2016 Drought



The Balance of Natural Resources: Understanding the long term impact of mining on food security in South Africa



Adding value in the South African maize value chain



Evaluating the competitiveness of South African pork production within the global context



Farm-Worker Sectoral Determination: An Analysis of Agricultural Wages in South Africa 2015


Evaluating different scenarios regarding the removal of anti-dumping duties on chicken leg quarters from the United States - in collaboration with Agbiz


Understanding the Factors that have impacted on Cane Production in the South African Sugar Industry                      



Trade flow patterns of maize in South Africa - Adjusting to structural changes


Evaluating the South African Pork Value Chain

Presentation Version



LTAS - Climate Change Adaptation: Food Security Report



The South African Sunflower Complex                         



Land reform in the Free State, the land audit, and the way forward to 2030                       



Implications of the National Water Resource Strategy 2 on irrigation agriculture, its economic contribution and the long run sustainability

BFAP Farm sector determination report draft (2012)

The impact of coal mining on agriculture - a Pilot study focus, based on maize production (2012)


The contribution of the agro-industrial complex to employment in South Africa                    



Evaluating the Sustainability of the South African Groundnut Industry (2011)

Scenario analysis - Soccer World Cup 2010 (2009)

Small Scale Farmer's brief: Macroeconomic impacts on profitability (2008)

Biofuels edition 3: Impact analysis of the Biofuels Industrial Strategy on the South African Agriculturaland Biofuel Subsectors (2008)


The profitability and competitiveness of the barley industry of South Africa (2007)

Modelling the impacts of macroeconomic variables on the South African biofuels industry (2007)



The economic impact of climate change on the South African Maize industry (2007)


Promoting conservation agriculture in South Africa: a case study among commercial grain producers in the North West province (2007)

Bio-ethanol production in South Africa - An objective analysis (2005)